International Cooperation


Facing the trend of international integration and globalization, HUFLIT continuously maintains and expands its international cooperation relationships to enhance the quality of teaching at the University and bring an international-based learning environment to students.

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International Cooperation
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Throughout the years, HUFLIT has taken pride in being a strategic partner of over 50 educational institutions, socio-political ones, and businesses in various industries across more than ten countries and territories globally.

Vietnamese Students

Exchange Students

One of the attractive exchange programs at HUFLIT is the student exchange program with partner universities abroad. Under this program, While HUFLIT accepts students from countries such as Japan and South Korea, HUFLIT’s students are sent to partner universities in those countries to engage in cultural exchange and study there. The program is implemented based on commitments and agreements between HUFLIT and partner universities to provide students with opportunities to experience the learning environment in foreign countries. The duration of the program can vary from 1 to 2 semesters, depending on the capabilities at that time. Currently, students majoring in Japanese and Korean studies have priority to participate in this exchange program. They are requested to meet program conditions and agree to fulfill their obligations throughout the study period.

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Transfer Programs

With its network of collaborations with universities worldwide, HUFLIT has successfully implemented credit transfer programs for students. From that, they can study abroad under the credit transfer program between HUFLIT and the partner university.

International Semesters

As a HUFLIT student, you can participate in the International Semester program in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, and more. They experience the learning environment, curriculum, and culture. The program will be in English, Korean, or Japanese languages, depending on the country chosen by the student. To ensure the quality, effectiveness, and safety of students’ experiences, HUFLIT only collaborates with reputable universities that offer accredited teaching quality for the International Semester program. Additionally, students will earn credits transferred to HUFLIT equivalent credits, and their grades recognized for the courses taken at the partner university.

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Exchange Programs

With years of international cooperation, HUFLIT has gained extensive experience in International Exchange programs for students. Its programs bring opportunities for students to experience the educational environment and culture of foreign nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and more. Additionally, it offers a chance for students to enhance their knowledge and language skills. International Exchange programs can occur from one semester to one year, depending on the agreement between HUFLIT and the partner university. When participating in these programs, students are requested to clearly define their goals, write a study plan, and prepare all required documents according to the guidelines. Many students who returned to HUFLIT after completing the program show their wealth of experiences in both academic and daily life. Some students even apply those as a foundation to participate in other international programs.


Every year, HUFLIT actively promotes scholarship programs for various target groups, with a total value of up to 9 billion VND. HUFLIT’s students are eligible to apply for the following scholarship programs:

  • Children or legally adopted children of HUFLIT’s faculty and staff members.
  • Siblings are currently studying at HUFLIT. Students got difficult circumstances or disabilities.
  • First-year students showed outstanding academic performance in grade 12 of the high school level and have been admitted and completed the enrollment procedures at HUFLIT.
  • Students achieved the international language certificate with the required scores.
  • Scholarships are awarded by partner universities when students study abroad under HUFLIT’s international cooperation programs.
  • These scholarship programs aim to support and motivate students in their academic journey at HUFLIT.
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International Students

The student community at HUFLIT is becoming more diverse by the presence of international students. Both programs, including the Student Exchange and Cultural Exchange, create opportunities for international students to learn at HUFLIT and vice versa. Through short-term programs, international students can join in student activities at HUFLIT while exploring Vietnamese culture, customs, and cuisine. They can participate in classes teaching the Vietnamese language and engage with dynamic HUFLIT students. The presence of international students not only brings cultural diversity but also promotes cross-cultural understanding and fosters a global learning environment within the HUFLIT community.

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Welcome to HUFLIT

Welcome to HUFLIT, international students!

We are delighted and honored to accompany you in studying at our university. Your presence represents the friendship between Vietnam and your respective countries, HUFLIT and your universities. With our dedicated faculty, immense love, and accredited academic programs, HUFLIT is committed to ensuring the quality of your education while providing timely support and assistance. We hope you will create lasting memories, gain valuable experiences, and make new friends during your studies and stay in Vietnam. We extend our warmest wishes for a successful and fulfilling academic journey at HUFLIT. May your time here be marked by growth, cultural exchange, and rewarding achievements.


International students can choose the program of Vietnamese Studies offered by the Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures. The students will learn about Vietnam’s economy, society, culture, and people. Besides, they can enhance their Vietnamese language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. From that, your study time in Vietnam will become more meaningful than ever at HUFLIT.

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